7,916 Ukrainians apply for asylum in Finland

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7,916 Ukrainians apply for asylum in Finland

The number of Ukrainians refugees in Finland has raised to 7916 until Thursday following the Russia´s attack on Ukraine, said the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) on Friday.

Out of the asylum seekers, 932 Ukrainians applied for international protection in Finland on Thursday and nearly all of them applied for temporary protection, said Migri in a twitter post.

Meanwhile, Anna Rundgren, a senior specialist at the Ministry of the Interior told national broadcaster Yle that the real number of the Ukrainian refugees is several times higher as they can stay in Finland up to three months without filing any paperwork and some are staying with relatives or friends.

The police set up a service point at the West Terminal 1 in Helsinki Port for those applying for temporary protection and the service point is open every day from 9:00am to 9:00pm, said police in a press release.

The Police will register the applicants who will have the residence permit on the basis of need for temporary protection. After the application has been submitted, the asylum seeker will be instructed to take residence in a reception centre designated by the Migri, which will take over the processing of the asylum matter.

Earlier, the Ministry of the Interior said that as part of the European Union, Finland bears its share of responsibility for the impacts of the situation in Ukraine, in particular to protect people fleeing the war.

The ministry coordinates humanitarian material assistance provided by Finland and the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Finland.

The ministry, Migri and the Finnish Border Guard are closely monitoring the migration situation in Ukraine.

The ministry also appointed a cross-sectoral group to coordinate migration to Finland following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Cooperation within the group will ensure the smoothness of practices related to entry into, reception, and staying and working in the country.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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