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Today AKFA Group is one of the largest manufacturing holdings in Uzbekistan founded by Jahongir Artikkhodjaev in 1998. The company has 20 factories mostly producing window and door systems, aluminum and PVC profiles, accessories and various building materials. More than 10 thousand employees are working at the AKFA enterprises, creating high-quality products exported to more than 20 countries.

The scale of life responsibility for AKFA Group employees and the ever-increasing volume of administrative work pushed the company to implement a program for occupational safety automation. Uzbek enterprises had the opportunity to use the platforms developed in the USA, Germany and Russia. After analyzing the capabilities and features of each developer program labor protection department headed by Otabek Rasulov has chosen the Russian Labor Protection for 1C.

According to our forecasts, the implementation of this platform will reduce the time for document management by 50-60% by combining all health and safety services into a single system and collecting important documentation (employees data, contracts, court proceedings, commercial offerings, policies of security and corruption etc) in one place. Due to the service we will also establish a single standard for document management at all facilities, streamline forms and specifications of documents and simplify task control for TB engineers, who will be able to analyze the daily work, which will improve the KPIs.

The most significant advantage for us was the ability to integrate the platform with other applications and systems, such as SAP and ACS. From them we can borrow the necessary in the field of occupational safety. The automatic transfer of information from tabular documents, including Excel, has also significantly simplified our work.

Another advantage of 1C is minding all the requirements in the field of legislation. In the standard version, we have found classifiers and reference books. Besides, the platform consists of interconnected 19 subsystems that allow you to keep records in all areas of labor protection, fire and industrial safety. Another benefit of 1C is generating a variety of reports. The main information is available on the “Main” tab, here we enter information about the structure of the enterprise, staffing, data about the employees of the organization and some more.

The pros of 1C program can be well exemplified by the subsystem “Medical Examinations”. This means keeps records of all harmful factors at work in a convenient format, monitor the status of medical examinations, fluorography, vaccination and much more. To benefit from all the advantages of the subsystem we have to upload the necessary regulatory legal acts on medical examinations to the program directory. This basis enables forming a list of contingents with an indication of professions and staffing for further points marking coming from orders. The subsystem pulls out the frequency of medical examinations for each category of employees from the directory information.

This creates convenience, since the frequency of medical examinations varies among different contingents of employees. If all the necessary documents are uploaded to the directory and the necessary forms are filled out correctly, then the program controls everything for you.

According to the preliminary data, the costs of OT and TB will be streamlined by 90% while the time required for making managerial decisions will be halved due to the tips in the program directory. Another important point is that the program informs managers about accidents or incidents at facilities.

We also note that AKFA Group is considering the possibility of developing and implementing its own online platform for occupational safety automation in Uzbek and Russian, which is expected to have a mobile version. The development will focus exclusively on the specifics of the holding’s activities.

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