Marin, Scholz discuss ways to further support Ukraine

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Marin, Scholz discuss ways to further support Ukraine

Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Wednesday met with Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz in Berlin and discussed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the development of European security and defence cooperation and the EU’s economic and energy policy, said a government press release on Thursday.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has dramatically changed the security situation in Europe, with Russia’s actions challenging the very foundations of the European security system.

“Germany and Finland, together with the European Union and its partner countries, have strongly condemned Russia’s aggression and continuous military violence against Ukraine. Russia’s attack is targeting Ukraine, but it is also an attack against the security order of Europe as a whole,” said Marin.

The European Union has responded to Russia’s invasion with unprecedented speed, determination and unity by imposing severe and comprehensive sanctions.

Marin and Scholz also discussed ways to further support Ukraine. Finland, Germany and the European Union have been assisting Ukraine financially, with humanitarian aid and by providing protective equipment and arms.

They also discussed the repercussions that can be seen in the European Union in terms of energy prices, security and defence policy solutions, the economy and growth.

“Germany is a central country in the European Union and will play a key role as we develop the EU to be an even stronger player in foreign, security and defence policy. We share the view that the EU must improve its capabilities,” said Marin.

The Premier highlighted Germany’s importance for Finland when it comes to security and defence policy.

“We share the same security environment, also within the Baltic Sea region,” she added.

Marin said it is essential for the EU to eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels, which we import precisely from Russia, as soon as possible.

“We need to invest in renewable energy sources and liquefied natural gas terminals, and explore ways to support each other in the transition to cleaner energy,” said Marin.


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