Posti accused of losing Kela´s parcel again

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Posti accused of losing Kela´s parcel again

National postal and logistic services operator Posti has reportedly lost a parcel submitted by the national social insurance institution- Kela late February, said Kela in a press release on Wednesday.

The parcel containing applications and documents of some 40 to 50 clients sent from Kela service point in Vihti on 25-28 February remained missing until 15 March.

Earlier, Posti lost a parcel sent from Kouvola service point by Kela in November last year and Kela lodged a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman following the missing of the parcel in February this year.

“We have taken the happening very seriously. We have already taken action in February, when the package sent from Kouvola was disappeared,” said Matti Happonen, Manager (Administration) of Kela, adding that Kela and Posti went through the monitoring of parcels and Kela reviewed and specified its own processes.

Meanwhile, Posti´s Vice-President of Parcel and E-Commerce Operations Juhani Tanayama issued an apology following the missing documents of Kela.

"The missing of a parcel is a serious mistake. It is unfortunate that this is now the second incident linked to our long-time customer Kela, and we regret the inconvenience caused to Kela's customers and Kela. Together we are looking for ways to prevent similar situations from happening again," Tanayama said in a press release on Wednesday.


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