Scholz maintains opposition to Russian energy boycott

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Scholz maintains opposition to Russian energy boycott

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday that he remains firmly against a boycott of energy imports from Russia, reported dpa.

Scholz said the sanctions already imposed against Russia were having a major impact, but there was a risk that pushing even harder could start to have serious consequences for Europe's economies.

"We have to be very clear: This may not be a short affair, but a longer dispute. And we all have to stick it out together," he said.

There have been calls for the West to impose a comprehensive boycott on all Russian energy products due to the attack on Ukraine.

It is a critical week of diplomacy in the crisis, as US President Joe Biden arrives in Europe to participate in European Union, NATO and G7 summits.

Ahead of those talks, Scholz reiterated that his position on Russian energy remained unchanged.

He said other countries in Europe relied even more on Russian oil and gas than Germany and that "no one should be left out in the cold."

Ukraine, as well as some EU countries, are pressing for an EU import ban on energy from Russia. They argue that President Vladimir Putin is financing his war with the revenues – to the tune of several hundred million euros every day.


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