VR, OnniBus offer free travelling for Ukrainian refugees

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VR, OnniBus offer free travelling for Ukrainian refugees

The national railway operator VR and bus service operating company OnniBus on Tuesday said that asylum seekers arriving from Ukraine will be able to travel by VR trains and OnniBus services in Finland at free of cost.

Ukrainians will be able to travel on VR's long-distance and VR's own commuter trains free of charge by showing passports to the train conductor beginning from March 2nd until the end of March, said VR in a press release.

VR Group wants to enable Ukrainians living in Finland and potential refugees to meet with each other under these circumstances.

VR Group will illuminate the clock tower of Helsinki Central Railway Station in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and the Ukrainian flag will also be raised on the station's flagpole from Thursday.

With these measures, the company wants to show its support for Ukraine at the time of war.

Meanwhile, Onnibus authority said that the Ukrainian refugees arriving in Finland will be able to travel by Onnibus service during the whole month of March, said a press release.

The passengers need to make reservation in advance for their journey and while booking the customer service will ask detail of the passengers to make sure their right to free travel.

If necessary, the driver may ask the passengers to show their passports or travel documents to prove their identity as Ukrainians.

“We want to support the Ukrainians during the war by offering a free trip to refugees from Ukraine until the end of this month on our OnniBus services. The majority of newcomers certainly come via Helsinki but everyone will not stay in Helsinki and goes to different places in Finland. We have the largest route network in Finland,” said Lauri Helke, the Chief Executive Officer of OnniBus.com, adding that they can travel to different parts by Onnibus at free of cost.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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